Teaching Experience

  • assisting in collection and processing of geospatial data

  • using advanced global positioning systems (GPS) for high precision mapping

  • advanced laser-based light detection and ranging (LIDAR) mapping

  • Grading laboratory assignments

CEE129L: Engineering Geomatics (Winter 2015,2016)

CEE128L: Soil Mechanics Lab (Spring 2015)

  • Assisting in laboratory experiments, including soil classification, grain size distribution, Atterberg limits, specific gravity, compaction, expansion index, consolidation, shear strength determination

  • Grading laboratory reports.

Part IA: LEGO Mindstorms (Michaelmas 2016)

  • Assisted groups of students (~100) to design, build and control an engineering system based on a number of sensors and actuators

  • Course length: 2 weeks (8 hours in total)

  • Guided the students through their class project and group presentations

Part IA-Structural Design Course (Lent 2017)

  • Assisting students to build steel bridge

  • Grading laboratory reports.

GD1: Constructionarium (Lent 2017, 2018)

  • Assisting groups of undergraduate students (~35) to construct scaled down versions of Ravenspurn Oil Platform and Kingsgate Footbridge in collaboration with Laing O’Rourke and Ramboll in a short period of time (one week)

  • Supervised the students’ progress during a period of six months

  • Marked the students’ reports (Organization Charts, Risk assessments, Task Sheets, Gantt Charts, Cost Plans)

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