1. 1st Prize at LC3 (Lean & Computing in Construction) Innovation Competition (July 2017)

2. Best "Rising" Star Poster Award at 4th Oxbridge Women in Computer Science Conference at Oxford, U.K. (March 2017)

3. International Doctoral Scholar (IDS) EPSRC Award (October 2016)

4. AVEVA Studentship Award (October 2016)

5. UCLA Graduate Division Fellowship Award (September 2015 & 2014)

6. UCLA Outstanding Geotechnical Graduate Student Award (May 2015)

7. FCE Summer School for Outstanding Postgraduate and Senior Undergraduate Students in Hong Kong Polytechnic University (August 2012)

8. Scholarship for Academic trip to CERN's particle accelerator (April 2008)

9. Award for Superior high school grades among Greek students to participate in the program "Youth are getting to Know Europe" in Brussels organized by the General Secretariat of Youth in Greece (November 2008)

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