Argentine Tango & Music 

My tango journey has been marked by my musical and dancing experiences. Despite pursuing the career path in science, since my early childhood I had a strong affinity for the arts. After 12 years of music education, I earned the Diploma in Teaching the Piano, recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Greece. 


My first dance steps were in traditional Hellenic dances of Greece. Since I was eight years old I performed in numerous theater productions all over Greece. My passion for Argentine Tango lead me to embrace this dance discipline over half-a-decade ago. I concentrated on developing strong social dancing skills as well as perfecting my Tango Salon technique. In Greece, I regularly participated in intensive classes and workshops in Patras Tango Academia, and performed as part of the Argentine Tango performance troupe. Upon moving to Los Angeles to pursue my Master’s Degree at UCLA, I have continued my tango education with many prominent Los Angeles Tango Instructors as well as visiting teachers. 


My biggest influence in Argentine Tango has been my instructor, Vladimir Estrin, with whom I have been working on perfecting my dance technique, expanding improvisation skills, and focusing on complex movements. I have also been participating in his teacher training program. 


What inspires me about Argentine Tango is the beautiful challenge of creativity and subtle interaction with other tango dancers on the dance floor of the milonga. My passion for this improvisational dance comes from capturing my creative expression in a complete array of movements, musicality as well as leading and following. My musical background has been of tremendous help to me in my dancing by giving me deeper understanding of the importance of musicality in physical movement.


I am not only passionate about dancing Tango myself, but also about sharing this beautiful art form with others. For over two years I taught group classes and private lessons at the Tango Salon Studio in Crete, Greece. I have also been part of the Tango Teenage Group at the University of Patras in Greece.


All my past experiences and interactions with the students inspired me to continue teaching Argentine Tango in Los Angeles. I am confident that my enthusiasm and passion for this dance will serve as creative inspiration for others and invite them to make Tango part of their lives.




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